DocFinancial: A New Medical Billing Provider With 60+ Years of Experience

Revenue Management - June 2, 2020

When Covid-19 arrived to the US, our hearts sank. Coronavirus foisted upon us and our neighbors unprecedented challenges, whether healthwise, social or professional. But as time passed and we adjusted to virus-related precautions, our local community exhibited grace under pressure; a grit and resilience. We observed a spirit of overcoming this pandemic together, leaning on one another for support. 

Behind the scenes, we were regrouping. Previously, we’d set in motion a process that would catapult us into the next chapter of our company. Over six decades, our team has provided exceptional medical billing services, and in April, 2020, we enhanced our offering with a new name and new leadership. Amidst a global pandemic, we evolved into DocFinancial and our operation is now more vital than ever. 

As the need for health services rises and there is less money circulating, practices need a competent partner to aid their revenue flow. Here is how we work.   

Medical Billing Services 

We are the first to admit: medical billing is complex and fluid. Year over year, managing a medical provider’s financial assets grows increasingly challenging. Physicians are trained to keep pace with the latest medical developments – it’s part of their job. However maintaining a smooth, reliable flow of revenue to your practice requires different training. That’s where we come in. DocFinancial ushers your practice’s finances through the fog of ever-changing medical bills, coding and insurance benefits design. We handle tasks such as: 

  • Coding
  • Processing claims
  • Speaking to hospitals
  • Obtain missing information
  • Filing claims
  • Receiving reimbursements

With DocFinancial in your corner, our team takes over the necessary minutia of medical billing. We empower your staff to focus on their jobs without attending to billing. On top of that, your employees can expect to learn how to interpret what insurance providers want and what patients need. Best of all, we enable revenue to flow faster from insurance companies to your practice. That’s just good business.

Expertly Serving a Variety of Multi-specialty Practices 

Over six decades, our team has waded through every permutation of medical billing. Our investment in this industry has equipped us with the prerequisite experience to serve a variety of nuanced multi-specialty practices and care centers, including: 

  • Anesthesia
  • Pain management
  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology

DocFinancial’s Value and Approach to Medical Billing 

Of course medical billing requires a lot of tedious completion, coding, filing and transfer of paperwork. But there’s also a human side to the work. Our operation relies on the coordination and cooperation of several different parties: multi-location healthcare groups or small private practices; insurance companies; and physicians, to name a few. A network of professional relationships is what separates good medical billing providers from exceptional ones. DocFinancial is the latter.    

When you partner with us, we treat your business as our business. Our team not only functions as an extension of your staff but invests in your relationships. Don’t trust an overseas medical billing provider with your company’s reputation. DocFinancial is a USA-based outsource partner. Competent, punctual and pleasant are just a few pillars of our approach. 

Get To Know Us

Give us a call or check out our new website. At a time such as this, we are all in this together. Discover how hiring DocFinancial can boost your revenue flow.