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I wrote and proctored a test of Anesthesia General Knowledge, and Procedure and Diagnosis coding for the staff at DocFinancial who had no advance warning of the test. 70% is considered a passing grade. Of the 10 participants, 6 received a 90% grade with the remaining 4 scored 80-85%. Given no notice and without the ability to study or prepare, in my opinion the staff did remarkably well. Since this test, two of those tested received their CPC credentials.
Kelly D. Dennis, MBA, ACS-AN, CAN-PC, CHCA, CPC, CPC-I
Independent Auditor
After more than 30 years in practice, I’ve come to learn that people sometimes matter more than technology. At DocFinancial, I was fortunate to find both.
Kalpesh V. Shukla, M.D.