Compliance, transparency and security are built into our process

Medical billing and coding specialists receive quantities of personal information every day. Our bonded and certified employees have met the highest standards of security – many for more than 20 years. By following HIPAA guidelines, we ensure that all elements in our process are applied when gathering, entering and transferring patient medical information. 

DocFinancial practices robust internal oversight of our controls. Our low staff turnover means that we have reliable employees who have proved their dedication and commitment to compliance over time. 

Paying close attention to every aspect of patient security

At DocFinancial our staff are dedicated to ensuring that all patient information is secure, both technically and physically. Any hard copy with patient information is, at the end of the day, either shredded or placed in a locked file. Any DocFinancial employee will minimize their screen before they leave their desk. Our internal oversight is designed to ensure that our workforce members have been successfully educated on HIPAA issues and are taking a proactive approach to identify any potential breaches in privacy before they can occur. Security protocols and education are an ongoing process at DocFinancial.