Keeping up with the latest advances in medical billing and coding takes a team of specially trained experts

For a physician, keeping up with the latest developments in medicine is essential to your commitment to your patients. When it comes to providing a smooth flow of revenue to your practice, it takes a different kind of specialist. That’s where DocFinancial comes in. We are your bridge between the constant evolution of complicated medical bills, coding and insurance benefits design.We not only understand the changes and what they mean, we have a history of clean audits by private insurers. We are part of your office, but not in your office. 

For more than 60 years, we’ve made it our business to handle the business side of medical groups and practices in a way that benefits all sides. Our long term expertise and highly experienced staff constantly update their training and education, with certified coders in house here in the USA. After recent testing by an independent auditor, our staff came through with flying colors.

DocFinancial is at your side to speed revenue flow

As the number of insurance companies grows, as new systems and requirements come into the arena, the more complex it becomes to correctly code, process claims, speak to the hospital, obtain missing information,  file the claim and receive reimbursements. Security is tight: our staff are all bonded and payments are posted to accounts by our CEO, Tammy Kirshon, a highly experienced CPA.

At the same time, the pressures to keep the flow of revenue coming in a timely manner increase and patient interaction requires exceptionally gifted employees. No wonder it is so hard for any practice to do it all. That’s the reason that DocFinancial exists and we do it all exceptionally well. We have specialized, certified coders, experienced, courteous personnel. It’s virtually impossible to find people this loyal and this effective and yet we’re here working from a headquarters in New York state. 

We have made it our mission to streamline every process that stands between our clients and their reimbursements. That is no small matter when the ICD-10 Diagnosis book of codes is 6 inches thick! Technology is important and we have state-of-the-art, but it is the people that run the technology that make the difference. When you have smart people at the end of the phone and at the computer who have your best interests in mind, payment time is half as long, sometimes even less.

There are only so many ways we can tell you how great DocFinancial will be for growing your bottom line, reducing your staffing and billing problems, and helping you keep the revenue flow strong and even. Why not drop us a note below find out how Doc Financial can offer you a healthy financial future. It will be the beginning of the end of your billing problems, and the beginning of billing peace of mind.

What does a perfect billing claim look like?

  • The claim comes correctly from hospital
  • Eligibility and insurance is verified
  • The claim is filed and paid in a timely manner at the correct contractual rate for that specific insurance company
  • Bill goes to patient for co-pay or coinsurance – patient pays immediately
  • When everything goes perfectly, the doctors can count on the revenue.

How is a perfect billing claim made?

  • Coded correctly
  • Correct data entry
  • No electronic rejection
  • Appropriate time frame is met
  • Insurance company – often a roadblock – also did everything correctly

Medical Billing Services

  • Coding 
  • Data entry
  • Electronic claim submissions and tracking
  • Claims processing
  • Claims reviews and appeal
  • Credit card processing
  • Pre-payments for fee-for-service cases
  • Bank deposits by CPA firm with insured employees
  • Client reporting:
    • Monthly aged accounts receivable reports (AR)
    • Monthly transaction reports
    • Practice profile
    • Deposit reports
    • Customized reports on request