Patient Portal

A Quick and User-Friendly Way to Accept Payments

We offer a user-friendly, web-based portal that allows providers to safely send patients’ information over the internet, creating a channel for them to communicate with physicians and pay bills without visiting the office. Fewer compulsory office visits, means more efficiency. Our portal is safe, secure and ideal for sending sensitive, HIPAA-compliant details, such as health or payment records, and eliminates barriers between providers and their patients. Payments can be made anywhere, anytime and at their convenience.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Providers are using patient portals at a growing rate. Research results from a few years ago found 64 percent of hospitals empowered their patients to view, download and exchange health data. Additionally, a recent study shows that 52 percent of providers were equipped to securely message patients. 

Boost Cash Flow

What does this mean for medical billing? Providers enjoy improved cash flow. Patient portals offer customers greater access to essential financial records, allowing them to make more informed financial decisions and take ownership of their payments. Medical staff spend fewer hours tracking down account numbers and files, contributing to a more positive customer service experience. 

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