It’s our business to exceed your expectations

Revenue flow is the lifeblood of a medical practice. Yet providers are facing challenges in a declining revenue environment. Many doctors and groups are facing challenges like these, so let us show you how choosing DocFinancial can help:


  • Want to maintain your independence
  • Need faster payments
  • Wait 45 days for payment
  • Have trouble collecting
  • Want to make payment easier
  • Lack experienced billing staff


  • Uses analytics to help boost profitability
  • Speeds up turnaround time
  • Minimizes billing days – can half days outstanding
  • Analyzes which procedures are hardest to collect
  • Offers you your online payment portal
  • Combines experienced staff and advanced software

If you want to maintain your independence, we can help.
If you want to increase turnaround and profitability, we can help.

Ask us how we can help you satisfy your patients and improve your revenue flow

In our line of work, we hear some horror stories of practices who are desperate to save money and outsource their billing overseas. The personal touch is lost completely, and worse than that, money can disappear. These sad stories frequently end with an independent practice being lost into a much larger entity. At DocFinancial, we can present a much happier ever after for our clients:

  • By providing a secure patient portal, your relationship with your patients remains positive.
  • We can help you calculate the most profitable procedures with each insurance company.
  • Contract negotiations are made easy, when we negotiate according to your wishes, but handling all the paperwork and protracted negotiations. 
  • We can speed up payments to under two weeks, sometimes under two days!
  • We can improve workflow procedures to maximize billing and payment time. 
  • We are right there with you, at the end of the phone. 
  • If you feel pressured into taking less profitable cases, we can provide the analytics to make your case with your group
  • Providing oversight by experienced professionals
  • Help you calculate rates for fee-for-service

It matters to us that our clients prosper

Unlike a piece of software, or an overseas outsource company, we really care about your success. We know this is a challenging environment, but at DocFinancial, we thrive on challenge. Trust us to find a pathway through today’s financial and medical maze.