It takes a special company to make medical billing pain-free

What makes DocFinancial unique in this complex business? Our employees have shown a tireless commitment to helping both doctors and patients successfully resolve payment issues. They know that in order for your medical practice to thrive, each patient needs to be satisfied every step of the way.

The DocFinancial staff are the highly skilled, hard working, behind-the-scenes team that:

  • Allows your medical staff to do their jobs without spending time on billing
  • Understands what the insurance companies want
  • Enables revenue to flow faster from insurance companies to the practice
  • Knows what a patient needs

What makes DocFinancial such a rarity and an asset in this day and age is that our experienced and personable staff treat your business as their business and work tirelessly to enable smooth revenue flow in a competent, pleasant and timely manner.

A trusted partner who can enhance your practice capacity

Using DocFinancial as your USA-based outsourcing partner lifts a tremendous burden from a practice, helping it to thrive in the fields it knows best.

DocFinancial has broad experience in medical billing and can meet the needs of a wide range of multi-speciality practices and other types of care centers including:

  • Anesthesia
  • Pain management
  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology

What makes DocFinancial the right choice for your practice?

The top differentiator of DocFinancial compared to our competitors is our staff’s exceptional experience and complete dedication to meet your goals. Many of our staff have more than 20 years of serving large medical groups with exacting requirements. 

Our commitment to our clients is matched by our clients’ loyalty to us. A few years back, a large client left us, attracted by an international outsourcing firm. A bit later, and a lot wiser, they returned to us, poorer by $500K, but happy to resume our former positive relationship.

More payments, faster turnaround time, fewer billing days, isn’t it time we talked?

We invite you to explore our website in depth and contact us directly. We love what we do and we’re happy to show you how to make your practice more profitable.