DocFinancial combines more than six decades of medical billing expertise with advanced technology, analytic tools and an excellent bedside manner

Our company, now named DocFinancial, has been dedicated to meeting doctors’ billing needs for more than 60 years. Many of our valued employees have 20 or more years of serving large medical practices, accumulating tremendous trust and loyalty on both sides. Our new leadership team worked with the extraordinarily talented DocFinancial in-house experts to add state-of-the-art-technology to years of institutional knowledge of both medical billing and insurance companies. The result offers medical practices a powerhouse of experience and efficiency in this highly specialized industry.

Our practice can handle yours, we are accustomed to high earning groups

DocFinancial has provided long term service and satisfaction for multiple large medical groups with annual turnovers of $10 million or more. As our clients have grown and expanded, so have we. You can have full confidence in our services, expert and knowledgeable employees, superior professional oversight and unshakeable commitment to transparency, reporting and security. We are ready to meet your needs.

In today’s complex billing environment, if you’re not overwhelmed, you’re a rarity

It’s tempting to believe that off-shoring your billing will help you save money. On the contrary, it may well double your troubles. At DocFinancial we’ve seen it all. We have had clients outsource to an overseas service only to find that they not only lost the personal service, they saw a dramatic loss of income. In some cases, it has forced them to give up their independence, the thing that mattered most to them.

Using data and analytics, we can help you take the most profitable cases that also give you timely collections

When you have a clear overview of how your practice is performing, you have the perspective  to make it perform even better than before. Our reports enable you to break down data by procedure and provider to analyze the most profitable combination. Equally useful, you can see which insurance company pays the best by procedure. DocFinancial analytics help you get the most value for the practice, based on utilizing employees where they best fit.